Note: As of November 6, this is no longer updating.

This is an automatically-generated blacklist file of all known TF2 servers running the Pinion advertisement plugin.

This download link is automatically updated every day by querying the Steam master servers for a list of all TF2 servers, and then querying each indiviudal server for its publicly-facing data, which includes the Pinion plugin version. Servers that reveal a Pinion plugin version are added to the blacklist. Any server is free to remove this data by editing the plugin, and such servers cannot be detected.

The list will not automatically update itself on your computer. You must download a new copy of server_blacklist.txt when you want to update it and follow the installation instructions.

I take no official stance towards the use of this blacklist. This data is provided at no cost to you, and you use it with no guarantees from me. I take no responsibility for anything that might happen by your use of this data.

This blacklist was compiled so that people can stop complaining about how Pinion "violates their rights" and so people can stop petitioning Valve to remove features that allow server-side modding. Because seriously? It just makes you sound like this.

To install:
  1. Download server_blacklist.txt
  2. Install the file into your TF2 files:

Click here for a version of server_blacklist.txt that includes all known Pinion servers + Saigns + NighTeam servers


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Total Servers: Number of server addresses reported by Steam
Alive Servers: Number of servers that we could connect to
SourceMod Servers: Number of servers detected as running SourceMod
Pinion Servers: Number of servers detected as running the Pinion plugin