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SourceMod Plugins

Mod Name Description
ANYMuteCheckShows who has muted a specific player via the game's mute button
ANYShutdown CountdownLets an admin start a countdown to a server shutdown
TF2SteamTools Game Description OverrideUses SteamTools to override the game description in the server browser
TF2Automatic Steam UpdateAutomatically restarts the server when it is notified that there is a Steam update available
ANYImpersonateAllows admins to impersonate users
ANYTeam ScoresAutomatically sets team scores at a specified time, or allows admins to manually change team scores
TF2AnyTeleporterAllows admins to disable the team restrictions on teleporters
TF2Votekick SwitcherDynamically changes the value of sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed
Source 2009Rainbowize!Rainbows!
Source 2013Custom Chat ColorsCustom chat colors for Source 2013 games!
TF2Humiliation GlowMakes the losing team's outlines visible through walls during humiliation
TF2Local Item ServerMakes your loadout work even when the item server is down!
TF2No Enemies In SpawnSlays anyone who manages to get into the enemy's spawn area
ANYSMAC AutoDemoAutomatically records demos when SMAC detects a possible cheater
TF2Better Vote ScrambleA vote scramble system that uses TF2's built-in scrambler when the next round begins
TF2SteamRep Checker (Redux)Unofficial, improved SteamRep Checker
ANYUnrestricted FOVAllows clients to pick their own FOV, even if it's outside of the game's bounds
TF2Humiliation ConditionsApplies various conditions to players during the humiliation round
ANYCity BansAllows admins to ban users by their city
TF2Bot ManagerAllows for customization of TFBots
TF2Sticky Jumper BombzAllows you to customize the maximum number of sticky jumper bombs that can be laid at once
ANYConVar FakerSends fake cvar values to specific clients
ANYHTTP Text MOTDDownloads a file over HTTP and uses it as the text MOTD
ANYConnection Method ViewerDisplays how clients connected to the server
ANYPlayer AnalyticsLogs detailed statistics for all connecting players
ANYAnti Caps LockForces players' chat to lowercase if too many letters are uppercase
TF2Custom Backpack ViewerAllows players to choose which backpack viewer they wish to use to view other players' backpacks
TF2KartifyPut players into bumper karts!
TF2Enhanced Item NotificationsCombines multiple item notifications for the same item into one
TF2Name LockAllows admins to prevent certain players from changing their names
TF2Endless CTFPrevents resetting the map when a team wins in CTF

User Scripts

Name Description
Steam Trading Card Bulk Buyer Provides a button to quickly purchase needed trading cards to complete a set from the Steam Market.
Steam Inventory Augmentor Adds a "1-Click Sell" button to items in the Steam inventory to immediately list them at the lowest market price. Also adds a "Duplicate" tag for easy filtering of duplicate items.
Yes, this is a gift Disables the annoying "Is this a gift?" prompt in Steam Trade Offers.
Global reddit No Participation Enforces No Participation globally on reddit.
Trade Offer Single Click Disables item dragging and double-click to add items in trade offers, and replaces the trigger with a single click. Makes trade offers easier and allows them to work on mobile. Accept All Offers Adds a button to's trade offers page to instantly accept all pending offers.

Node.js Modules & Applications

Type Name Description
Module node-steam-user Simple, self-contained, and easy-to-use Steam client protocol implementation for Individual and AnonUser Steam account types.
Module node-steamcommunity Simple-to-use API to interact with Steam Community.
Module node-steamstore Simple-to-use API to interact with the Steam Store.
Module node-steam-tradeoffer-manager Greatly simplifies automated trading on Steam by keeping track of trade offers and their statuses.
Module node-steam-totp Generates 5-character Steam-type TOTP codes.
Module node-steamid A SteamID object for JavaScript enabling maximum portability between modules.
Module node-binarykvparser Parses binary KeyValues, used in Steam.
Module node-tf2 Provides an API to interface with the Team Fortress 2 game coordinator.
Module node-globaloffensive Provides an API to interface with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game coordinator.
Module node-steam-appticket Decrypts and parses Steam app tickets.
Module node-websocket13 A lightweight pure-JS WebSocket client/server protocol implementation.
Module node-irccloud A client module for the hosted IRC service.
Module node-blackvue Allows interfacing with Blackvue dashcams over local Wi-Fi connection.
Application Cloudflare Origin CA Bot A CLI application to make it easy to provision and automatically renew Cloudflare CA certificates.